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A2019 extract bot code.

Hi there,
I am developing bot using provided account . I developed few bots and I also had to migrate one bot from V11 to A2019 .I had to perform pattern based data extraction currently unavailable in A2019.
My question is around how do I submit the source code for the bots as it has dependency. I don’t have the access to export the bot. Can the source code be taken from my cloud A2019 account. Thanks


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    Hey - the ability to export will be enabled starting on 5/27. At that point you will be able to export any bots/code/components from the Control Room which could be imported to GitHub (or some other code repository) for submission.

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    I do not see BOT export enabled in A2019 Community Edition and tomorrow we have submission end date.

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    Hey Akif - export is not available on A2019 Community Edition, only on the botathon environments which were provided to all developers to build on. (Private user was asking about In the absence of being able to export your code from Community Edition - and to allow you to still participate - create your submission video of your bot running in Community Edition and instead of submitting your code, take screenshots of each segment of your code so that someone could reasonably review it. In this way your submission could still be considered

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