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about 2 years ago

Enterprise A2019 Guidelines

Hi there!

While building your bots with Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019, we have a few guidelines for you to ensure a smooth submission process:

  1. Currently, you will have access only to your Private workspace on your account. This means you can build, run and test your own bots.

  2. Your username on Enterprise A2019 that we provide you access to, will be the same as your DevPost screen name. Please watch out for a separate email from us with the login credentials for your account.

  3. In your Bots folder, please create a new folder with the name being the same as your Enterprise A2019 username. Place all your bots that you are building for the Botathon within this folder only.

  4. If you are participating as a team, please write to us with the usernames of your team members and we will set you up for collaboration.

  5. We will be opening access to the Public workspace 1 week before the end of the submission period, i.e on May 27th, 2020. You can then check-in your bots to the Public workspace and export it for submission to the Botathon.

If you are building a custom package, here are a few additional guidelines to follow:

  1. Your package name should be in the format zpvt_packagename where packagename is any name that you want to give to your custom package.

  2. Include your Enterprise A2019 username in the Description of the custom package while you are building it.

  3. Please note that your custom packages may be visible to other participants as well. Any submissions making use of custom packages built by other participants of the Botathon (prefixed with zpvt_), will be disqualified from the Botathon.


How does workspace scope work



The private workspace is granted to each developer who has a Bot Creator license (everyone participating in the Botathon). Any content created in this private workspace will be visible only to its creator, and would not be able to be directly shared with others.



Public workspace access is granted to those who have identified that they formed a team, as well as granted to all developers for the last week of the Botathon.

If you have (or wish to) form a team, let us know the team members emails addresses and the team name. A designated folder is set up for the team in the public workspace which will allow them to check in/out code/bots from their private workspace to the public workspace.


Note to All: Be sure that the bot/submission you are creating is all contained within one parent folder.


Solo Example: If I wanted to create a bot called “HealthcareBot” – I would create a folder in my private workspace called ‘HealthcareBot’ and create all of my bots/dependencies within that folder. During the last week of the Botathon, I could check in my files to the public workspace and export them, knowing that all of my files and dependencies are contained within that same folder.


Team Example: If I’m developing parts of a bot for team “RPAwesome” – a folder called “RPAwesome” would be created in the public directory which only my team members have access to. To be sure that everything in my private directory would be in sync with what would be going to public, I would create the same “RPAwesome” directory in my private directory, so that upon checkin (when I’m sharing with teammates) my bots/files would go to the same place they have access to.


Steps to check-in a bot file

From My Bots page, for the bot which you would like to check-in, click on the three dots on the right corner, and the Action panel slides over. Select the Check-in option to move the bot from Private to Public workspace.

Bot check-in image


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Team Automation Anywhere